Thursday, July 15, 2010


{photo by vanessa}

Another day in interior decorating late for moi. I picked up this beautiful wall hanging from Country Furniture on South Granville this afternoon. I have big plans for this piece. It will be part of a focal point on my living room wall, which is comprised of a couple larger pieces as well as a number of my original photographs. So far, this is what I envision the design to look like - 

{poor drawing by vanessa}

Nothing bothers me more than void, empty wall space. I like the idea of making displays on walls, which mix a bunch of media. Not only can they be so harmonious, they can be deeply personal. My goal with this one is to perfectly mix colour, texture and depth to create something visually interesting that feels balanced. I'm thinking a floating shelf to set one of the 5x8s on would also be good. 

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koralee said...

Your plans look amazing..I love that store!! Have not visited for a while...hummmmm maybe that is something I should do this weekend..Have you ever been to THE CROSS! my favourite store ever..may just go on a little adventure tomorrow.
xoxoxox Happy weekend