Wednesday, June 02, 2010


{photo by vanessa}

it's a month of personal celebration. my birthday and first month as a graduate, out in the real world. dinner parties planned and friends returning to town. the first days of summer. long, light evenings spent outdoors. everything wild in full bloom. making plans for the rest of the summer. collecting shells on the beach. making time for loved ones and plans that have fallen by the wayside in the past few months. most of all, i hope this month has equally big plans for me. 

finishing a novel and starting a new one
hosting a friends for dinner
trying a new dessert recipe
planning a weekend getaway for the late summer
finishing up a few projects - pillows, a quilt and a handbag for a friend
working hard and enjoying my few and small movements of peace and quiet
spending lots of time catching up with my family over the phone


bananas. said...

what novel are you reading? i just bought the girl with the dragon tattoo and i'm super excited to start reading it.

Skyler said...

1) As above, what's the novel? I've been trying to finish one for a few months now... Oh Rand and your long novels!
2) Dinner parties rock! I'm having some friends over for some awesome new things this weekend!
3) Have fun and glad to hear you're doing well.

V. said...

I'm working on The Shadow of the Wind by Zafon. So good! I highly recommend it.