Wednesday, May 05, 2010

small gestures of affection

Love is not about saying it. It's about what you do. Its meaning comes from actions. - From my Nana.

I rarely write about love and its meaning, or what it is, because it's tricky. Purely subjective and situational. But what my Nana said to me while we were in Carmel last week really resonated with me. She's completely correct. Language is empty in the modern era. What gives it life, is our actions.

Any relationship, be it friend or family, is defined by what we do, or lack thereof. It's accumulation of gestures over the years. It sounds a bit cliche, but really those are things that you remember in the long run. And that is what defines one's love for another.

Some things that resonate in this new love. Making meals for one another. It takes time and a bit of you goes into everything you produce. Voicing affection in a small ways that aren't so pronounced. The suggestion of plans for coming months, which has a lining of commitment. A sign of a shared vision. Always holding hands. Spending our week off together, enjoying each others company and doing things we enjoy. Simple, small notes of expression. Purely acknowledging the joy we have for each other and our relationship.

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bananas. said...

cliche but true.

i remember hearing great advice from a priest at a wedding. he told the couple to stop keeping score. sounds so simple but when you think about it, it really does make a happier couple.