Friday, May 14, 2010

Notes from this week

New beginnings have many undefined variables. Be patient and, in time, they will be filled in.

Getting to know people always takes time. It's very rare that we are blessed with the pleasure of clicking with someone right away. Discoveries and connections take a certain amount of effort, and are all the more rewarding when you have to work a bit harder for them.

Team work isn't so bad when everyone pulls their weight.

Feeling the need to do something is great, but there's a time and place for it. And it is not once you're home from work. Relaxing is important. With time, I hope I'll learn how to do this.

My body has acclimated to accept that 60 degrees is dress weather in Vancouver.

After much anticipation and doubt, my little herb plans have begun to sprout. Patience, patience, patience.
What you are fundamentally passionate about never really dies. Sometimes it is clouded over by other interests or you get distracted. You will always circle back around to what you love, and I believe that is what you're meant to follow in life.

Tonight is BBQ and bowling night with the gang. It's the first time ever I'm able to do something on a Friday and not feel guilty about it.

When you move into a new phase of your life remember - you're still you, just in a different place. In no way do you have to abandon what you used to do or love, it can all be carried forward. They are the things that will bring you comfort in times of uncertainty.

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