Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I feel that this is a particularly sentimental occasion for my blog. The whole reason it exists is because I decided to go to university in Canada. Now, it is officially over. Or at least the university part is. I am still here and probably will be for the next little while. Thinking back over the last four years, even reading old entries, I am extremely proud that things have changed is so many great ways. Today all of those little things, plus on big thing, will be celebrated. I will toss my hat up for all those things that have shaped me outside of my education.

 I hope you have a fabulous Wednesday.


Kristin said...

Big hubs and congrats! I hope you're out celebrating!

bananas. said...

hip hip HOORAY!!! congratulations honey!!! all your hard work paid off today. now and forever. awwww!