Saturday, May 01, 2010

ambushed at the makeup counter

I've never been much a foundation girl, in terms of makeup, until recently. I was shopping with my mom and she pretty much ambushed me while we were looking at lip colours at Chanel. "Oh my gosh," she gushed, "Let's find you a foundation!" Next thing I know, I'm in the ominous black chair where an older woman with crazy red hair and matching red lipstick tries to give me a new and improved face. After asking me twenty questions about all the products I use on my face, she then tell me why they are all wrong. "Clinique! Ha! That toner robs your face of moisture." Mind you, part of this shopping trip was to pick up some Even Better from Clinique. Scratch that.

"So what do you think?"
"It looks good." I wanted to lie and say it didn't look good, but truth be told, this might have been the first time I've ever look in a mirror and thought my skin (appeared to) look good. "Oh my god, what a difference!" my mom chimes in. Oh mothers. Sometimes I feel like once you've left high school and there are no longer certain girls who make you feel bad about yourself, our mothers take over role.
"Now, dear, how adventurous are you when it comes to colour?"
"Very!" This is much more my comfort zone. Who could possibly deny a fun, flirty lip colour? My lower line was rimmed with a vibrant peacock green, complimented by my lighter lids. For my lips - gorgeous pinky gold that reminds me of summer. So perfect!

After this little ordeal at Chanel, my mom and I walked out with little black bags with that indistinguishable bold, white font. We shared a sandwich and mentioned that I had (ironically) never bought into beauty industry gimmicks when it comes to makeup. All she could say was, "Oh, but I wish you could see a before and after!"

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Christina Lindsay said...

I'm always trying new foundations. What was it? Hope you're having a wonderful weekend xx