Friday, April 16, 2010

What a perfect day (Thursday) looks like

Getting energized early in the morning and quieting my mind at the gym. Coming home to shower and then cuddle with the boy. Throwing on a summer inspired outfit. A crisp short sleeve blouse with capris. Tan loafers topped off with a cream coloured wrap. Strolling around town wearing large sunglasses and soaking up the sun. After completing my errands, enjoying a granola bar in the local rose garden. Spending a few moments thinking about the exciting milestones of the day. Accepting a job offer. Completing my university courses. Saying a few goodbyes and thank yous at my current job. Picking up a bottle of my favorite zin - 7 deadly zins. Collecting members of my Canadian family to rejoice in another year coming to a close. 4 years together. So much has happened and there is so much to look forward to.

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robyn michelle-lee said...

sounds gorgeous! congratulations!