Thursday, April 29, 2010

sights and sounds of home

It is a sanctuary in the middle of a little country town. Protected by white fences, there are miles of rolling grassy fields on the outside. It is a place that embraces summer all year long. A hammock between two oaks. Flowers that bloom with the coming season. Meals enjoyed outdoors whenever the sun is out.

Backyard Paradise

This time of the year the grass is especially lush. I run my toes through it as I meander about taking photos. There is an arch smothered in beautiful, magenta English roses. Beyond it is a cutting garden overrun with Shasta daisies. Of all this sights to marvel at, this is my favorite.

Cutting Garden

I get on my old bike and ride further out of town with my brother. The silence surrounds us and we agree that this is where people should live. It is vast, open and free. Everything a life should be.


bananas. said...

that was so cute! and so is that home. it's picture perfect there! oh to lay in a hammock all day...the good life.

Christina Lindsay said...

It looks absolutely stunning, I'd love to live there! xx