Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A list of little adventures for the summer

Visit the Portobello West Market
Play a round at the Stanley Park Pitch and Putt
Beach days
Grouse Grind
Patio Dinner Parties
Attend Fuse at the Vancouver Art Gallery
Tofino Food and Wine Festival
Wine Tasting
Sea Kayaking in English Bay
Queen Elizabeth Botanical Garden
Main Street Shopping - From 2nd to 30th
The Caribbean restaurant on 25th and Main
Make a cheese souffle
Celebrate Canada Day
Browse used book stores
Read at least 10 books this summer
Finish my quilt
Take lots of photographs
Walk the sea wall with my love
Have a girly sleepover with my besties
Organize and "Sex and the City" movie party
Grow my hair out
Make lots of pottery - especially bowls and appetizer trays
Vintage shopping
Have Sunday breakfast at Sophie's
Plan a wine tasting trip to the Okanagan Valley in July
Run in the summer rain
Have a picnic at a new favorite spot
Celebrate my graduation with all my friends and family
Explore Strathcona
Find a new restaurant to adore
Live in sandals and dresses

1 comment:

robyn michelle-lee said...

sounds so lovely - invite me to main street or sex and the city or the beach or, um... everything!