Saturday, April 17, 2010


There are many moments in life when we reach truly exciting crossroads. The waves carry us to a new starting point and we are privy to dream like never before. The possibilities are endless and it can be overwhelming to know what to pursue first. Sometimes our plans can guide us to know what is right. Other times, we must simply go forth and employ the trial and error technique. At the moment, I think I am employing the trial and error technique. I see nothing wrong with it. In fact, I believe I will get more out of the process. But before I set myself in motion come May, I thought, what are my dreams? Little, big, personal, or community based? Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Above all, they are what makes each day something to remember. Here are a few of mine.

- Dedicate hours to community service with the Salvation Army's human trafficking refugee house.
- For the summer, have at least two articles published.
- Take a course on writing. Figure out whether I want to write fiction or fact.
- Continue creating things. Pottery, art, handbags, quilts, sweet confections.
- Put a dent in my reading list.
- Hosting dinner parties on my patio.
- Making the perfect cheese souffle.
- Being a roaring success at my new job.
- Watching a new relationship blossom into something wonderful.
- Exploring new facets of my city.


bananas. said...

you just inspired me to make a list of dreams too...and get'er done!

Dawn said...

Just came upon your blog and it's wonderful. Love your pictures and your writings. I was just out to your side of Canada last week...what a perfect place to be:)