Monday, March 01, 2010

March goals

: To not buy coffees or teas for the month. I only bought 3 in February. Going to try and eliminate them all together!

: Visit an new art gallery

: Finish a draft of my term paper

: Exercise 5 days a week. I've kept this up for two months. I think I've got the momentum to keep going.

: Explore an unknown part of town. Perhaps Kerrisdale? Maybe Main Street. I should pull up a map . . .

: Make my mom's chocolate hazelnut biscotti

: Renew immigration paperwork

: Enjoy the warming weather and sunshine


bananas. said...

excercise 5x a week? and you've already done this for 2 months?! wow lady, you're on a roll! keep it up!!!

Brunch at Saks said...

Very good goals! You are motivating to get my butt in the gym! And an art gallery seems perfect- I think I will try and do that too! xoxo