Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Travel details

In the midst of school madness and work, I am dreaming of Europe. I've now planned out the first week of my trip! I can't believe it's less than 2 months away!!

Day 1
Travel, travel, travel and land in London

Day 2
Victoria & Albert Museum. Yards of fabric, shoes and beautiful fashion. Strolling down the streets to Tate Modern. Along the way seeing the Buckingham Palace Gardens and Westminster Cathedral.

Day 3
The National Gallery in the morning. Then taking a short walk to John Keats' home - a poet close to my heart. Then off to see the Crystal Palace.

Day 4
Jane Austen's Home.

Day 5
The British Museum - Having studied the Elgin Marbles in several art history courses, I cannot wait to see them in person. Then to the magical place where Shakespeare's works came to life - the Globe Theatre.

Day 6
Tour of Bath, Stonehenge and Stratford.

Day 7
Leave for Paris!!


robyn michelle-lee said...

cute photo and lovely plans!
i suggest you add in:

an afternoon tea at "sketch" - really. it's quirky and elegant and everything in between.

a stroll through the farmer's markets in chelsea, and then a stop in the most gorgeous organic shop i have ever seen - this is one of my favourite places in the world.

browse trendy shops in notting hill and portobello market.

see les miserables. stunning. absolutely stunning.

of course, the british library!

here are my musings after some trips to london!




robyn michelle-lee said...

ps. i think you look a little like anna wintour... isn't that fun! (the gorgeous photo at the right reminded me)