Sunday, February 14, 2010

Some things I know

: Cooking and working out have become my new form of therapy
: I've become more of an introvert over the last month, but I don't know why
: I wish I could find a pause button for life
: I have a great life
: While there are many big changes ahead of me, many things will be the same
: I'm embracing uncertainty. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm running head on into it
: I wish I didn't own a TV
: My book case needs more shelves
: Confidence is not something that comes naturally to me
: My computer might be on its last leg
: I like neat, organized spaces
: I'm feeling closer to my family in the last month than I have in last 3 years
: I compulsively check my email, though not usually for work
: In the past year, writing seems to have become a real part of me
: I am trying to open doors

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Chelsea Talks Smack said...

ahhh bookshelves, i always need more shelves