Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ramblings of a city

The cafe at the Vancouver Art Gallery may be the quietest place in town. I've planted myself in a plush chair, from which I can occasionally glance out onto the street. The tables are mostly vacant, except for two elderly ladies to my right. Soon starving city wanderers float in and out. They stand in line along a display case of pristine looking delights. Jazz music fills the air.

Outside, the skies are gray. The artificial lights around Robson Square are the only glimmer of brightness. The patio appears inviting, like something ripped from the pages of a feature on backyard escapes. Wicker furniture. White table cloths. Small, spindly trees dressed with white lights. It is not complete without the warmth of the sun. But even today - the chilliest day of the month - it makes me want to shed my coat and spread out my belongings over a patio table.

Although my plans were foiled this morning, I cannot help by feel better off. Possibilities gather at my feet and I am free to choose among them. What I want right now is to peal away any sense of obligation and roam - though not just in the traditional sense. I want to stroll around town and immerse myself in everything. I also want to just sit here all day and enjoy the peace and quiet I am surrounded by. I will probably do everything. I am living the life I imagine so frequently, today.

{View onto the street. Photo by V}


robyn michelle-lee said...

i love that sense of living the life i dream of.

and, yes, we'll meet up. let's arrange the time.

have you seen 'bright star'? i'm sure you must have!

Brunch at Saks said...

Such a gorgeous post! And what a gorgeous place to be at! I'd want to roam free also! Hope you are having a good week XOXO