Friday, February 05, 2010

A lovely night in

First Friday night in February. Two girls get together to catch up over a home cooked meal and a glass of deep, red wine. Chatting together, she sauteed garlic and red onion in a frying pan. The smells came together in the kitchen, though were soon subdued by the addition of water and chicken broth. The pan turned a brownish colour, but was whitened by the cream cheese. The sauce simmered lightly on the stove and the rosemary chicken baked in the over. All of these flavours would come together soon. Fuseli pasta rested in a her handmade pistachio coloured platter, waiting for it's pairing.

Asparagus, touched with olive oil, crackled under the broiler. She worried they'd burn. Everything came together on the old, oak table top, framed by off white dishes and silver ware. They refilled their glasses and gushed about life, trying times, and future hopes. They're lucky to have each other.

These are the good times, this is the good life.

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