Thursday, February 04, 2010

If you're in town

Lush green trees. The skyline of the city against the background of the north shore mountains. Biking along the sea. Fresh, local produce and seafood. Innovative restaurants and stores that inspire creativity and new ways of living. This is where I live. These are the things I adore.

Ingenue - Feature lots of local designers. Beautiful clothes and quirky accessories for any occasion. I love the handbag I bought here last November and always get compliments on it.

Turn About - The best consignment store in this city. I have a Marc Jacobs military jacket that picked up for $45. They always have a great selection of designer clothing, handbags and shoes - and always in great condition. I love to purchase trendier pieces here.

Gravity Pope
- Located along 4th Ave, this is a must for shoes. Beautiful displays, a spectrum of designers and brands, and a great clothing store. The modern interior design makes it a fun place to be.

Sights to see
Granville Island Public Market - If you've ever been to Pike's Place market in Seattle, the you know how great markets are. I could wonder around here all day long. Not only are there great vendors, there is the infamous Granville Island Tea Co with the best Vanilla Rooibos known to mankind. Just beyond the bounds of the market in the beautiful sea inlet and a plethora of art galleries.

Spanish Banks Beach - Sitting along the water's edge you can see all of downtown. A spectacular sight in and of itself. Even in the dead of winter, there is something so soothing about the seaside.

Stanley Park - A spectacular haven off to the side of downtown.

Pane e Formaggio - the best Italian deli. I love their lemon chicken panini. And during the summer they have this delicious toasted almond gelato!

The Naam - a 24 hour vegetarian/vegan restaurant. It's always a great place to go no matter what time of the day, and there's something so comforting about it's atmosphere.

Provence Mediterranean Grill - Just down the street from me. The chefs are French transplants and bring all of their fabulous cooking skills to the neighborhood. I love that they menu changes often and they always have delicious offerings. My favorite - the mushroom ravioli in an incredibly delicate white wine sauce and paper thing slices of Parmesan.

What do you adore about your town?

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robyn michelle-lee said...

my favorite post thus far in my little reading-discovery adventure of your blog! LOVE it!