Friday, February 12, 2010

A (fashionable) dilemma

Fridays are supposed to be days when I don't have school and, theoretically, have no obligations. This morning I found myself at a work meeting at school, at 10 am. After orchestrating said meeting, I briskly walked to catch a bus. The wind was picking up and my trench coat was blowing about. Secretly I had hoped that the weather would be nice for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics today. But for once this month, it kind of felt like winter.

This city is busy. More buses, more people, but I am still going about my life. I have no tickets to any games and have no plans to watch them on TV. It's strange to me how these big events take place around us, yet I managed to (barely) place myself outside of its grasp. My intentions were to go to William Sonoma to buy red sprinkles for my Eiffel Tower cookies. But they don't have red sprinkles. Neither does Meinhardts. No luck at Choices. It's nearly Valentines Day - where are the red sprinkles in this town?

Feeling slightly flustered and defeated on the matter of the sprinkles, I make the mistake of going into Lord's shoes. The Via Spiga shoes that I want are on sale and, in another moment of weakness, I try them on. Black and gunmetal. A quirky point. A beautiful heel. Lovely! I stroll up and down the store a couple of times, not that it makes a difference - I knew liked them.
"I've had my eye on these since before Christmas," I gush at the sales girl who replies, "But now they're half off!" I recollect that I jokingly told K that if she didn't see me cooking at all in December it's because I bought the shoes.

Oh, but what will I wear them with? And, when will I wear them? I am off to rummage through my closet and fill my planner with situations befitting of these shoes . . .


Skyler said...
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Skyler said...

as per our discussion yesterday... sometimes you just gotta live ;) good purchase.

I'm about to watch your opening Ceremony, not a big fan of winter games, but... it's snowing down here, and in Georgia 1-3 inches of snow is essentially a blizzard, so... it's movie time!

Anonymous said...

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