Saturday, February 13, 2010

The bog

I took my usual Saturday afternoon pilgrimage to the produce store. It's about 20 blocks from my house, but I always walk there and back. The weather is getting warmer with each passing week, although today the rain is coming down. I walked out of my house and into the back alley way to get to the road. It's been a while since I've had to wear my rain boots and they made me feel quite childish. I think it's the ability to slosh through any puddles on my path. Though I do no jump, my sense of adventure leads me to take a different route to get to the produce store.

Instead of rushing along the main roads, I stroll through the residential streets. I gaze at homes that I want to live in some day. White wooden side boarding, slightly beat up. A glass encased mudroom at the entrance. Imperfections that make it perfect for me. Suddenly I became cognisant of the fact that - after only 5 blocks - the road seemed to end. I was at an odd intersection. A gravel paved, steep alley way to my left and a bog in front of me. I guess I'd been presumptuous in thinking that all roads parallel to the main one were also free of such natural impediments.

"The Camosun Bog" read the sign. I stood there reading it. What intrigued me was the 'trail' through it. It was a raised boardwalk. It reminded me of the nature preserve at home and some how seemed to be inviting me down it. I could not see where the walk way lead to, but I walked. I had so quickly jumped from residential to natural, though the telephone lines overhead tried to interfere with the transition. They seemed to be there as a reminder that this detour, this small haven, was not permanent. But I knew that. I just felt very free - defying any intentions I had for afternoon - being the only human in sight. Alone in the bog.

200 feet later, I found myself at the edge of a clearing. The boardwalk wound around and seem to enclose the space (as if nature could be contained). I stood there in awe. How could such a beautiful place exist only 7 blocks from my house? How did I overlook this? I looked at the pond in the clearing. The raindrops danced along the top creating such a serene image. I don't know how long I stood there for. But eventually I turned to leave, a bit hesitant on my walk back. Always looking over my shoulder, trying to claim a memory. Trying to claim the beauty of it in my mind.

{Photos by V.}

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