Sunday, February 21, 2010

Absorbing the town

It's been a perfect Sunday. I haven't not worked on Sunday in about 2 months. Today I got to enjoy every minute of it. I baked a birthday cake for my best friend. A chocolate cake with homemade frosting. I added yogurt to the batter in the hopes that it will be extra moist. Currently, I'm watching the US v. Canada hockey game, though I don't know who I'm rooting for. Secretly, I hope Canada wins. It would be wonderful to have a victory at home.

I head out around 7 pm. JM has selected Elixir for his birthday dinner. I stride out the door wearing my new heels, a dress from my mom and my trench coat over the top. I'm sure I'll be cold, but sometimes sacrifices must be made. Dinner was wonderful. Endless conversation over crisp white wine, perfect french bread and fantastic dishes. Mine - salmon served on top of a puff pastry filled with warm spinach and ricotta. I devoured every piece on my plate. Lingering at the restaurant for a bit longer, we try to decide what to do next. Had this been an ordinary Sunday in Vancouver we would have headed home. Nothing would be open and the town would be quiet. But this is no ordinary Sunday. It's 10 pm and city is buzzing about like never before.

We jump on the trolley and emerge on to a street that has captured youthful energy like I've never seen. Granville street is flooded with people. Thousands of red sweaters, hockey jerseys and Canadian flags are in motion. It's an incredible sight. The 6 of us stand there in heels and suits and dresses. We strut down the center of street. Never have we been so distinguishable in this city. But if ever there was a time to stand out, this would be it - JM's birthday.


Skyler said...

1) That sounds awesome... I'm jealous you're right there in the midst of the winter olympics. I lived in Atlanta when the '96 Olympics visited town, but for SOME reason my parents didn't make a big deal of it, and I was 10 and indifferent... really regret having missed it though, so enjoy!

2) USA > Canada @ Hockey ;) I was watching that last night as well, and it was an awesome game. Great ending tho.

3) I just ate dinner, but your dinner descriptions totally made me hungry again.. ugh, thanks a lot!

Kristin said...

Sounds soooooo amazing!

orangeppl said...

you forgot the most important tidbit of the evening: the cake!

V. said...

I mentioned baking the cake. Doesn't that count?