Monday, February 08, 2010

3 o'clock on a Satuday

I gather my gray handbag and cropped jacket. Sarah is back from Paris and today we are going to catch up on each others lives. It feels warm out for February. The sun is out, for a change, and the city can be seen as I walk down the hill to the cafe. Coco et Olive is buzzing with people. Students studying in a corner. Couple reading the paper. Young children enjoying a treat with mum and dad.

Picking up a coffee, I gaze down over the counter top. Elegant little glass jars filled with macrons, ginger snaps and marshmallows. The dainty lids rest over the sugary confections. Too perfect to be lifted. They are a living still life. I turn from the counter to where my coat rests. A toddler is trying to climb on the chair at my table. He giggles and his father entices him away with the promise of a bike ride home.

I open Globe and Mail paper, overflowing with news of the Olympics. Traffic diversions, parking restrictions, a population increasing overnight. It all seems far away. I feel unmoved by it as I sit safely behind the glass of the cafe windows. Sarah arrives; abruptly pulling me from my thoughts.

We settle in with coffees and try to recollect the last 4 months of our lives. How easy it is to forget what has happened to you. Where you have been. It is easy to remember what was not as good. That surprises me most. Picking up a fresh baguette from behind the counter, we exchange travel details. I feel myself coming to life as I think about the prospect of travel. But I also feel a sense of security. My family is returning to Vancouver. After four years of being together, it is even more difficult to be apart. Family isn't just blood. It's those who know you. Those who you break bread with. They are the ones on this journey with you - even if they leave for a little while.


robyn michelle-lee said...

dear v.
i just noticed that you've become a follower of my blog - thank you! i hope you enjoy... where did you find it?
i love coco et olive, and you describe it perfectly in this post... a still life of glass jars - rejoice!
i've been reading your blog tonight and i LOVE it... i love the way you write. it makes me want to quote you. and, i love all the touches of vancouver... the way you describe our city makes me love it even more.
i must ask - where did you find an eiffel tower cookie cutter? i'd love to find one or borrow!
you're planning a trip to europe soon? i've lived in edinburgh for a year, and travelled quite a bit in france & britain - i can help with suggestions of amazing local little finds!
you study at ubc? we should meet up for a little tea!
- robyn

Megan and Kristin said...

Even if they are away from you, they will always be in your heart! Did you get your print btw?

Skyler said...

So, my lack of commitment causes a 4 month hiatus now and then, I guess. And as you said, it's easy to forget a lot of all that happened. But I'm glad to see you are still here, and it's quite noticeable to see how well you are writing. I hope you are well, and I hope to hear more about these travels..

mart and lu said...

oooh a fellow vancouverite! yes its all about the olympics isn't it. i find it slightly annoying when all i want to know is local news. hmmm!