Thursday, January 21, 2010

New prospect

Although I've been rather self involved as of late, I have been making somewhat of an effort to spend time with my fabulous friends. Last Saturday was Habi's 22nd birthday and a big group of us went out for Ethiopian food. So delicious! I know some of her friends. In fact, one in particular I know because Habi and co have tried to suggest/set me up with him. Last time she tried this was nearly 2 years ago. A lot has happened and back then I wasn't in a good place. However, this past Saturday I actually had a good conversation with him and began to look again.

I mentioned something in passing to Jm. Well, actually I asked if this boy is seeing anyone. A myriad of questions followed and he and Habi squealed with glee. Oh what have I gotten myself into? Tonight I am having dinner with them and this boy. And JM has instructed me to bring UNO cards in case the conversation dies.

Updates to follow. . . . plus details about this boy.


orangeppl said...


V. said...

Indeed what?

bananas. said...

never had ethopian food before. sounds interesting.

good luck on your double date. hopefully it's not awkward. i know how those friend hook ups can go. lol.

Kristin said...

Hope the "date" went well! Check out BonBon today. You're a winner!