Thursday, January 14, 2010

My umbrella is not waterproof

Such a functional object, especially in rainy Vancouver. But does it have a purpose if it can't do it's job? It was pour buckets and buckets over this town today. I left the pottery studio to do a bit of grocery shopping before I headed home. It was about a 1 k walk to the store. I was stubborn enough to want to get in some extra exercise that I insisted on walking! Terrible idea. I was a soaking wet mess. So, right before I was about to get to the store I pushed my hair back only to find that the top of my head was soaked!

Fabulous. Now not only were my clothes all soggy, but I also had mad hair. And I kind of assumed that my makeup
had to be messed up by this point. Sodding umbrella! It's from Coach, a gift from my nana. I can't believe it was leaking. All I kept thinking was, "Who makes such an object, with such an especially important purpose, that doesn't work?!" Clearly good intentions don't count for anything in this case. Then again, there are very few instances when intentions can redeem ourselves.

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