Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ms. Non-Spontaneity

It was an enlightening day at work. It was a pretty slow day at the store because a) it's early in the week and b) we're all paying off credit cards from Christmas indulgences. Regardless of that, we seem to always have strangely interesting conversations. Today's topics included dating, and all that goes with it. Scott and I were talking about personality types and I mentioned how I really don't like abruptness or randomness. It just doesn't jive with me, though I've been trying to change that. Scott proceeded to explain to me that spontaneity is the most natural part of life.

Why you might ask . . . just as I did . . .

Aside from whatever beliefs you have about how the earth came to be, at some point, a spontaneous creation, combustion, explosion, etc occurred. Without this spontaneous event, life would not come to be. Mind you, Scott is relatively religious so it was slightly ironic hearing that God's actions were "spontaneous." Progress, evolution, etc is contingent on spontaneous action.

Interesting. This point of view had never occurred to me before. So am I simply fighting a natural aspect of life? At this point, I'm not sure. Perhaps my efforts to dodge what I consider chaos have actually been a hindrance. Then again, there is also a tendency to associate the word spontaneous with more outlandish, large scale, eccentric things. This may be a problem. There are plenty of unaccounted for events in my day. But I think were I start to get uncomfortable is when people around me start acting unpredictably. Yes, I know what you're thinking. "What a control freak!" If only I knew what to do solve this absurd problem of mine!

I think the reverse of all this is also true. That on some level, everyone likes having some control. I think the conflict between all of us is that we seek control in different areas of our lives, just as we seek spontaneity in unique ways. I wish there was so easy way to figure out where we all overlap. That place of harmony, of unity, I would think, is where everything becomes comfortable and we accept all that is out of our control and simply live.


Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

V. said...

Thanks! I really appreciate the comment.