Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holiday Recap - Key West

I know, I know I'm late on my holiday blogging. Key West was one of the stops on my holiday tour. It was so beautiful! Lush green trees and soft, white house paint the landscape of this island. When we arrived, we walked on to the main street of town, Duval St. Then strolled onto Whitehead Street. A quaint little street where Ernest Hemingway's home lies. The literary sanctuary that I've longed to visit. As we approached, I soaked up the warm sun and all the scenery. And it seemed like the 14 blocks were an eternity of walking. But then we arrived at Hemingway's house.

Such a beautiful home. It was filled with first additions copies of his books and all his cats. Originally there were 8, but now there are 46! Holy mackerel! And they are all named after movie stars. My favorite - Clark Gable. To exemplify my literary nerdiness, I bought new copies of my fav Hemingway's from his home because they have official seals.

After my very religious experience at Hemingway's we headed back into town to have lunch at his local bar - Sloppy Joe's.

Fantastic place! Noise, gritty and live music. Duval street is definitely the place to be in this town. 100+ bars, people everywhere, life happens here. Can't wait for another trip to Key West!

oh and ps - the Hemingway house does weddings! guess where mine's happening . . .

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