Thursday, January 21, 2010

Holiday Recap - Bahamas

Another stop on my holiday was is Nassau. Now, I was mostly excited to go here because a) it's the Bahamas and b) Daniel Craig emerged out of the ocean on some beach on this island during Casino Royale. {Photo}

I was holding out that this spectacle would magically appear for me as I tanned on the beach at The Atlantis Resort. But this is how my trip actually was.

Once I passed through customs, Mom, Ryan and I found ourselves in the middle of a chaotic tourist hub. Many local tour guides, taxi drivers and vendors shouting and following us trying to get a sale. I'm not a huge fan of crowds to begin with, but this was making me really nervous. We walked on to the main street of town, which was filled with a gazillion jewelry stores and designer boutiques. My brother kept saying Gucci in his perfect Italian accent, and it never got any less amusing. I bought a really cute pair of gold and pearl chandelier earrings.

After this quick stroll we went over The Atlantis Resort.
It was an impressive sight. Imposing hotel towers, more designer shops, a casino decked out with Dale Chihuly's glass work, and plenty of water activities. We opted for the aquarium first. It was a bit on the disappointing side. Not only was it $35 per person, it lacked all of the colourful, tropical fish I expected to see in the Caribbean. There were plenty of sharks in outdoor pools, with signs littering the edges. "Sharks are not shy creatures." "Take a photo. It will last longer than if you jump in." At least someone on the legal team has a sense of humour. I'm not sure I'd want to go back here again, but a scenery is definitely worth a breeze through some photos.

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