Friday, January 22, 2010

About dinner last night

For once, I have nothing but good news to report from last night! Much to my surprise, the UNO cards never came out of their box. Dinner at Habi's is always a pleasure. She made loads of delicious food including berry cobblers with pecan topping. Mmmm. Naturally, my contribution was vino. As usual, we had some of the funniest conversations. Habi's boyfriend, Alex, was telling us about the trials and tribulations of teaching music lessons to children, especially the hyperactive ones. I just sat there imagining JM as a child taking piano lessons, flailing around and eventually dancing out his anger on top of the piano.

But on to the more important details of the night. Andrew is the guy that Habi has been going on about for nearly 2 years now. I was a bit nervous about last night because the last time that I saw Andrew, we were all at a club and, well, I'm a bit fuzz on the details. My past impressions of him have been that he's pretty quiet. But I get that, I'm not always really talkative around people I don't know well. JM told me to just be patient, but aggressive. I'm still not entirely sure how those two things work together. Last night things were much better. He is really good looking and so nice. And has the most gorgeous blue eyes! Anyways seeing as how we weren't the only ones at dinner, we didn't talk all that much directly to one another. He did however walk me home, and it was very reassuring to know that we could carry a conversation on our own as I tend to get panicky in situations where the conversation is non-existent. We talked for a few minutes outside my door, and he asked if I wanted to go golfing soon. Hopefully that will be happening next week. Time to dust off my clubs.

Also, I wanted to give a special thank you to the girls at BonBon Rose. I was lucky enough to be a winner in their giveaway last week!

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Help! Mama Remote... said...

Congrats on the win. I don't know how patience & aggression go Oh I got it! I guess that's like being passive aggressive. Can't wait to hear about the golf date.