Saturday, December 05, 2009

Things I know

I love the month of December
I want these shoes
Modernist literature rocks my socks
I wish I had more time to read
I am lonely
I cannot wait to see my family on Dec 23rd
Burning bridges is no good
Technology is not my friend, especially my new cell phone
I am thankful for what I have
A house with Christmas lights is a happy house
I don't know when life got so complicate it, but I want to un-complicate it
There are times when I need to be by myself, this might be one of them
I don't like television
I let expectations stand in my way of getting what I want
Gingerbread is delicious
I like the frost in the morning, even if it is -5 outside
Reading before I fall asleep will always be my nightly ritual
I have a weakness for men with accents
I dream about being a national ranked equestrian again someday
I need to find my own way
My house smells like gingerbread

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