Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Attention: History is about to repeat itself

I always think it's a cliche to say that history is destined to repeat itself. I think in my case, it is more accurate to say that mistakes are destined to repeat themselves. Nothing is difficult to shake than a true crush. Even after months pass, seeing that person is always a rush. I don't think it's anything more for me than that, but it's unbelievable that it always happens with this one guy.

So as I wrote yesterday, now that finals are here I'm seeking shelter in The Boulevard for daily studying and coffee. You might recall this time last year, Karoline and I met Law School boy and Engineering boy there. Infatuation followed delusion and eventually dissipation defined December, January and February. Anyhow, I've written about them and chopped the whole instance to fate not working in my favor.

However today was a fabulous day! This afternoon law school boy walked into The Boulevard. Being me, adrenaline was going and I started physically shaking. So sad. I don't think anyone has ever had such an effect on me. It always surprises me because I've had maybe 5 conversations with this guy and know very little about him. But it's the mystery that pulls me in. Karoline tells me that my infatuation is still present, but that's okay. It just seems to be all to perfect that he's present again.

And then my afternoon got even better!

I left the coffee shop feeling light hearted and with a big smile on my face.I got on the bus to go home and I looked to my right out the window. It was a beautiful sunny day. But then I noticed someone who looked a bit familiar sitting behind me. Just behind me was Engineering Boy! Holy mackrel! This was far too coincidental. I was nearing my stop and knew that I had to speak to him. I got up a bit sooner than necessary, pulled the bell and then casually looked his way and said hello. Anyways I talked to him for a couple of minutes and he gave me that oh so flirtatious smile of his. I melted. So cute!


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

siiigh love this

orangeppl said...

given that my life has taken a hiatus, I will continue to live vicariously through these expeditions of yours. loves it.