Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Soggy weather

In the three years I've been in Vancouver I've yet to feel like the weather is affecting my mood. However after nearly 2 solid weeks of rain, it's getting to me. And let me tell you, that's a lotta water! I do like the rain, but in moderation. So I'm currently trying to think of things to cheer myself up.

1. The new handbag I bought. It's pretty and I'm excited to use it.

2. Winter jackets. I've rediscovered my lovely gray wool Micheal Kors coat. Yay for fashion!

3. The rainy weather is (almost) forcing my to be more productive. I'm nearly finished with my end of term assignments and I did a bit of Christmas decorating.

4. I have re-organized my closet.

5. Hosting a dinner party. A fabulous indoor activity. Way better than any picnic I've ever been to.

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My Passport to Style said...

Yay positive attitude we like, nothing like adversity to force us to be creative! Thanks for your comments glad you enjoyed my game! Sharon xox