Sunday, November 22, 2009

Post #200

I am proud to say that my adventures in fashion are taking me to good places. I am actively trying things I would have never considered (i.e. leggings and pencil skirts, though not together) and finding that I adore them. I'm finally going to get the boyfriend blazer that I've had my eye on for quite some time this week! I have such grand plans for this. Over my flowy dresses. With skinny denim and my pink pointed toe flats. With knee high boots and shiney leggings. Oh I'm so excited!

On Friday afternoon I did my fair share of window shopping. I started at Holt's because I had been got my make up done. I saw a lovely navy cap sleeve lace top in the D&G collection. I was about to try it on and my mind flipped over to my own closet and I thought, "Hey! You have super hot black lace top from Anthropologie!" Genius! I haven't worn that top in forever and now I've successfully shopped in my own closet. I love this top. It's got pearly buttons up the back and layers of delicate lace in different patterns. I whipped through H&M. It was odd recognizing so many designs that looked exactly the same as in Bedo. It's odd how widespread and mainstream some designs are. People everywhere could be fashionable clones. Instead Vancouver continues to be a fashion wasteland.

I breezed out the front doors and down the street to the bookstore. I wanted to flip through British Vogue and Marie Claire. Unfortunately Chapters didn't have either. But I found other fun things to look at, including the Sartorialist's book. So lovely! I had to get back to the southwest side of town for dinner, but still had some time and I decided to take a quick peek into the boutique stores. Low and behold, I discovered this fabulous little store on West Broadway called Ingenue. It's filled with Vancouver designers, as well as Canadian designers. Beautiful pieces. I saw a handbag that I am going back for. My favorite is Dace the Wild Card dress is the best. And there is a great sales section. They also had some great jewelry, which is featured their blog. What surprised me the most was how reasonable their prices are. There was not a dress over $150. The leather handbag I want is $69. And the jewelry was between $40 and $70. Not bad considering that most of these pieces are handmade and from gorgeous fabrics. If you're ever in the neighborhood stop by this place! The owner of the store will make you feel like you've just waltzed into a better version of your own closet.


On a quick aside - I'm proud to say that I've reached my 200th post. Another small milestone along this journey. Thanks for reading friends!

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