Tuesday, November 03, 2009

How many weeks until Christmas?!

I talked to my mom and brother today, now all I think about is how soon I get to see them. My mom suggested that we meet up in Seattle to shop. Unfortunately there is no end in sight the the work I have this semester, but I'm hoping that we'll go next year. Yay, my closet will soon be satisfied! Anyways, I'm longing for the term to be over and to be home with the ones I love. Instead I decided to pull up some favorite photos from past Christmas holidays.
Ahh can't wait to see everyone!!

The most quintessential part of any family get together - board games! This is also probably one of the more tame photos.

This was from last year. Ryan and I wanted to take a photo with the dogs for my mom. We found out that pets are impossible to photograph.

My wonderful parents - amazing people! This was right before we went out for their anniversary dinner on Christmas eve.

This one is from right after Christmas 2007. We had a huge storm and the horse pasture was flooded so my brother and I had the ingenious idea of skim boarding in the field.

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