Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The BEST love story, ever

They met in Belgium at a concert, when two groups of friends over heard each other speaking Spanish. She then offered one of the boys advice on taking a photo in the dark. This is the boy, who's name I don't know, I call Paris Boy. They went to Paris, and this is the trip that she has told me about many times. There was sightseeing, eating, and a moment of instantaneous connection. When Karoline tells me about Paris, she beams when she describes what was the most amazing kiss ever. They parted ways, but he came to visit her in Mexico about a month later. This was 5 years ago.

From time to time I hear about this boy. It's obvious that he is very alive in her mind. From time to time I also hear about emails that they send each other. Even though she's seen a few other boys, he's always there - acting as the backdrop of her love life. He is that person, and everyone has one, who you use as the gold standard of love. Some are lucky enough to spend their life with that person.

Recently, there has been a resurgence in this romance. An exchange of the most fantastically romantic emails I have ever heard. There is a sense of their hearts existing right there, latent within the type. It's a kind of closeness that is rare in this day and age (and I'm pretty sure it's something that most women long for). Something that could be torn from the pages of a romance novel. With each email, a bit more of the organic nature of their relationship reveals itself. Tonight I was sitting next to Karoline as she typed out her feelings in reply. I was over come with happiness for her. It's not even possible to be envious or jealous of this. All I can do is smile. I smile because I have hope for her (and myself), that in this, and all ,instances, love comes together as it should.


orangeppl said...

OMG. for reals.
so dear, do you believe in the one-true love?

Vanessa said...

Yes for reals!!

I do indeed believe. Despite everything I've experienced, I feel a innate need to believe.