Monday, November 23, 2009

The apple of my eye

Dresses that I want for my new blazer, asap.

Love, Love, Love! Gorgeous pattern. Waist is always a plus. Red is one of my favs and it's even better on a dress! And $68 is a great price.

This one is a total steal at $29!! I'm usually not a fan of the strapless dress, but since I plan to keep my jacket over it, it could work. I also like the pattern and could definitely see dressing this dress up or down.

Both of these dresses are from Urban Outfitters. Sadly shipping is $50! This means I will have to trek downtown and buy the red one in person.

I also like this one from Kensie.

This one
is cute too, though not as flowy.

Another good choice. I would total rock this with my ribbed leggings.

And an accessory to go with them . .

Lovely! Well friends, I think that's all for me. Hope your creativity and passion have whisked you away today!

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