Monday, October 26, 2009

Restaurants to try

Every year in late January I look forward to Dine Out Vancouver. The expensive restaurants of the city open their doors to everyone by offering affordable tasting menus. It's also a great way to find new, inexpensive places to go for the rest of the year. (Sadly enough) Karoline and I have become the go-to people for restaurant recommendations. I do my fair share of walking and bus riding around the city and always see restaurants that I want to go to. Here are a few on my list.
Topanga Cafe (near 4th and Bayswater): Vancouver lacks fabulous Mexican food, which is something I sorely miss about California. You can always find good Mexican food no matter where you are in the state. Now, having been to a truly bad Mexican restaurant in Vancouver about 3 years ago, I'm always skeptical that I will ever find good one. The reviews I've read online have been good so far, but I'm not sure Canadians know what good Mexican food is.

Les Faux
Bourgeois Café (15th and Fraser): This is in the most random part of town, and how Karoline and I stumbled upon it is even more random. As we looked at the menu, I think we both wished we had been going there for dinner. Very adorable, cozy French bistro that I must go back to. Reasonably priced

La Quercia (4th and Alma): I've always felt that it is fairly difficult to screw up Italian food, but it is even more difficult to make it exceptional. Vancouver has it's fair share of good Italian restaurants, and compared to their monstrous dinning rooms, this is very quaint. They menu is constructed in an interesting way. Either the 5 course $40 menu or the 9 course $59 menu (expensive but possibly worth it). The reviews it has online are stellar, which makes me even more inclined to dine there soon.

Pair Bistro (10th and Alma): I go by this place all the time, so finally I looked it up They have crab cakes and chowder. Enough said.

Coast (Alberni and Burrard): This one came via recommendation from a co-worker. Any restaurant that proports delicious seafood is one that catches my attention. Better yet, it is owned by the group who runs The Italian Kitchen and the up-coming Society Lounge in Yaletown.

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