Thursday, October 29, 2009

Projects to pursue

I know what you're thinking, headbands have come and gone in terms of trends. But I think there would be something satisfying about telling everyone that you did it yourself.

This one appears a bit more complicated, but possibly a good challenge. I mostly just like the intricacy of it. But I might like it more if it was made with pretty beads instead of wood ones.

Adorable necklaces, which I am a huge fan of. In fact I saw some like this at a bead store in Kits recently, they wanted like $135 for it! Crazy, I know. Of course I was seriously considering getting it.

Very cute ribbon belts, and super easy to make. You can find them here.

I realize that my addiction to Martha Stewart crafts is extremely tragic. I actually said to my roommate earlier today that I wish I could do arts and crafts all day. Life would be simpler and more relaxing. If only I had more time . . .

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