Thursday, October 22, 2009

A problem

Inevitably happiness can't be sustained forever. I believe that we were in a constant state of happiness, we wouldn't appreciate the good times that we do have. I think that every time we face difficult situations, we come out stronger and always learn something about ourselves. I'm currently facing some strange problems with the boy. We've been dating for about a month now and today we had a very long, and rather intense conversation about our relationship. It seems like there is a ticking clock on our time together, though I'm coming to believe that it's more important that we just enjoy the present. Anyways he said something that was particularly perplexing. Having known him for 3 years now and seen him in relationships, I know that he hasn't been one for a commitment. Anyways, he said something to the extent that he was feeling in a running mood. (ie running away from commitment). I'm sure any girl can understand the moment of panic that came over. Oh my god, he's going to break up with me - holy moley.

I can't deny that I went through a brief period of uncertainty about our relationship. It was and is a big step for us. I'm finding myself in a place where I need to make a persuasive argument, to give him a reason not to be afraid. It would, of course, be useful if I knew why he's suddenly feeling like running. I'm not sure what to say, or do, other than to fight for myself and for us. I like him a lot - and I could say that in a thousand ways, but how do I say it so that he understands it? So that it means something?

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