Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The foundation of something good

Patience has brought be something good. Something very good in fact. A relationship with one of my closest friends has blossomed into something lovely. Many of my friends who know me as well as my boyfriend were less than surprised when they found out we are dating. The responses tend to be somewhere between, "it was a long time coming" and "it was meant to be, you're such good friends." It's funny how you can be oblivious to something for so long. Anyhow, hearing all of this made me realize something unique about our relationship - we have been and are close friends. This is something that has never quite been the case in any of my past relationships. Perhaps Rob, but we'd been friends for about six months, whereas this friendship is three years old. I think that having known each other for that long has it's advantages. For starters, we are still talking after all this time, so there is a fundamental like of the other person. I tend to find that this is a tricky aspect of a dating a total stranger because early on you must make a judgment call about them and whether or not to pursue a relationship. This also lends itself to something else important - I am not afraid to be myself. I think a lot of times when I've dated someone I don't know very well, there's a certain need to impress them which alters who you normally are, which causes you to develop a sort of bi-polar dating disorder. That is no good! What's the point of dating someone if you aren't really getting to know the other person? But the way I feel now, which isn't necessarily comfortable, but more like an odd shaped puzzle piece who had found a niche, is leading me to feel very good about how and where things are going. Although it's barely been two weeks, something feels, right, about this. I can't describe it other than to say that I have a totally different, and healthy, outlook on it. Normally at this point, I would be freaking out wondering what was going in, where my feelings lie, etc. But for whatever odd reason I have incredible clarity at the moment.

I have no doubt that as I continue to sort my head out on my blog, as that's what I usually do, that this will probably be a recurring topic.

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