Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some advice from a sales associate

Having worked 2 shifts at my *new retail job*, I have derived some new life advice.

1. Be opportunistic - If someone is in the fitting room, make sure you bring them other items that go with what they already selected. Half the challenge is making sure they try something on, and once they are there, they are usually willing to try on more. If they are on the fence about a piece, playing up the positives is key to making the sale. When you don't make the effort, there's no chance of succeeding. I've decided that the important thing is really knowing when an opportunity is in front of you; sometimes they are hard to recognize.

2. Assume people don't know a whole lot - You have to educate them. Show them how to wear that article of clothing. Bring them other things that they might not have seen because it's hard to take it all in. It's even if they know, you can at least demonstrate that you are competent and give them a reason to trust you. But in the event that they don't know as much a fashion, it's an opportunity.

3. Be honest in a positive way - Not only can you earn someone's trust but you are justifying what you think, which can be reassuring. Also, it's an important move in establishing your rapport among others. Even though things may not look good, there is always a way to spin it that gives us hope. Then you can find new solutions and inspirations to push you forward.

It's strange to me that everything is so intertwined. It's possible that all things in life, especially when it comes to goals. Every action, every step requires others that support it.

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