Tuesday, August 04, 2009

More from the Romantics

"I loved not yet, and I loved to love; I sought for what I should love, loving love"
- Confessions of St. Augustine, Book III

Well if I wasn't sure I had fallen down the religious rabbit hole, perhaps this is another sign. I am studying for my Romantic Poetry exam this Saturday and read Alastor by Shelley this morning - lovely poem. This quote was the precursor to the poem commencing and I have been wasting time trying to untangle it. The poem itself is about a Poet who is so focused on finding perfection that he overlooks all the is good in his life. By over complicating his outlook on life, he places himself in a state of distress. This quote sets the stage for this lesson. Sometimes we lose track of what is important. In this case, the concept of love. The big picture is important, and if you lose sight of it, then what are you working so hard for?

Lately I've been finding myself sidetracked by things that I'm wasting my time worrying about. Sure I wouldn't been who I am if I am not busy being neurotic and up tight. But what is important about it, is that it is for the right reasons, which is what I'm trying to figure out.

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