Monday, August 24, 2009

Just a country girl

I love going to the hair salon. My hairdresser, Sophie, is this adorably petite woman with an excellent sense of humor. We have great conversations every 6 weeks when I stop by for a trim. This past Friday I had an appointment. Our conversation started off about pets because her 3 year old son wants a puppy. She opted to buy him a goldfish instead. I was telling her that one of the things that I miss the most about home is all of the animals that my family owns. I mentioned that we owned horses and she was like, "That's so funny because last night I was just telling my husband that we should move to a farm. You know, live the simply life." Wrong. There's nothing simply about living where my parents do. There are a lot of amazing, good things, but it's not simply like people often think. My mom and dad very hard to keep our property in shape - gardening and very small scale farming. We own a lot of stuff that would certainly not put us in the category of the simple life. I have two horses. My brother owns dirt bikes and go carts. We might be frauds. (Previously) Spoiled children pretending to live the simple life. My goodness, does that mean I was like Paris Hilton? What a frightening thought so early in the morning.

Okay, honestly I am a bit of premadonna when it comes to physical labor but I have toughened up in the last few years. I am still largely materialistic, though I am working to change that. Anyways in talking to Sophie, I said to her that my family doesn't really live the simple life. But I am a firm believer that you can live a simple live in any context. The farm setting is merely a cliche. We talked about what it meant to live the simple life, and it all made me realize something. What I truly value isn't living a simple life. It's living a good life. Having an amazing family, spectacular friends, having beautiful goals that I am achieving and, above all, being in love with my life. I think that a simple life is probably secondary to all this, or maybe it naturally follows. I'm not sure.

It always puts a smile on my face whenever someone finds out where I'm from. I can only imagine the number of stereotypes that are ticking through their mind as they search for one to apply to me. So I let them guess and speculate because it is always more interesting to imagine someone's past. But I know the truth.

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