Wednesday, July 15, 2009

White Tea Lemonade

Brew white tea
Add 1/2 of lemon Juice
Add sugar and water to taste
Serve over ice

This is one of the many delights of my day. My neighbor stopped by with a jug and it was delicious. The tastes were unexpected yet they all complemented each other. Some other things that made my day memorable:
: Reading Freud's "Female Sexuality" for my children's literature term paper on Anne of Green Gables
: Receiving an email from my best friend who is gone for the summer
: Remembering that the Death Cab for Cutie concert is tomorrow
: Going on the best run in a while. I ran faster and longer than ever before, and boy did it feel good
: Making a fabulous new coffee mug in the pottery studio this morning before I started school work

Even though I've had a few bumps in day that threw me for a loop, I must say it's been pretty good. Reflecting back on this very mixed up day makes me remember that even in a particular moment when things may feel overwhelming or bad, there are enough good (actually great) things going on in my life that I can still keep my chin up.

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