Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Selfish Success

One more essay turned in and now checked off of my to do list. I very much enjoy scratching items off my post-its. Today has been great and I foresee it getting better. I got in some more studying for the LSAT and glazed a few new coffee mugs. I will also be meeting up with some friends for dinner in a while. One thing that I enjoy about the summer is the slower pace of the days. It may simply be a change in my own mentality, though I think there is plenty of evidence to disprove that at the moment. I was thinking today that I should really be embracing the time that I am in school. People out in the real world don't get the luxury of time off. Of course there are many more productive individuals than myself who do work during the summer. I thought about the my reduced stress level during this time of year, and got wondering about how I could apply this during the rest of the year. I suppose one way is to not let school overwhelm my life, maintaining a balance of other activities and interests. I find this difficult even now. I am much more of a workaholic that I lead on and I think that a lot of my past relationships have suffered because of it. It's primarily because I just don't know how to switch off that part of my brain, but also because I'm selfish when it comes to my personal success. (wow, I can't believe I just typed that) But it's the truth. I wonder if there will come a point when I will finally find someone or something that will illuminate my mind to of possibilities. Sure there are moments when I escape myself, like when I'm making art or running. I guess the trick is making them more permanent.

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