Sunday, July 19, 2009

New friendship

Last Friday I was studying with a friend of mine at the Boulevard, but before any real work was done, we hashed out our landlord problems. A gentleman sitting behind us over heard the topic du jour, and struck up conversation with us. Turns out he is a recently retired lawyer and offered us some advice on our predicaments. It was very kind of him to say the least. We also chatted for a bit about law school and his experiences as a lawyer. He is one of the few lawyers that I've met who has maintained a passion of his work for a substantial number of years. I've often found that to be one of the discouraging points about law, is that many people I've spoke with claim that the work is monotonous and redundant. They have the attitude that they know it all after about 5 years in practice. Sure that might be true since most lawyers specialize in particular aspects of law, but I'm also of the school of thought that it is impossible to 'know' and have seen everything. But then again, I also enjoy the challenge of constantly learning what I don't know, which is how I feel about law. So many areas have undergone substantial changes in the last 20 years and there is always new ways to think about it, especially if you enjoy older theory. Anyhow, speaking with Mr. Burke renewed my faith in the density and compelling nature of law. He was kind enough to give me his contact information in cast I would like a recommendation to his Alma mater, Cornell!

Before we parted, he cut out a small Cornell logo and gave it to me. He said to keep in on my computer as a reminder of what I am work towards. It also reminds me of his story. Another example of the kind of future I wish to have.

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