Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A new challenge for a new month

My dad told me today that I need to be a maniac when it comes to studying for the LSAT this coming month. Not only will I have the most time available to dedicate to my studies, but the number of days before the big day are dwindling. I am going to be maniacal. I have to be. I have worked hard and want law school more than anything else. This test is my chance to prove that.

My job is also starting again soon. I got a promotion at the end of last year, which was great. It also comes with added pressure from my boss, although I know that he is pushing me because he knows that I am more than capable of doing great things for our program. He is someone who believes in my capacity to achieve. Believe it or not, my dad is too. He just has a different of expressing it.

August will be about time management. Striking a balance of productivity and sanity.

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