Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A new cafe

I just got back from meeting a friend of mine for lunch at this lovely little place called Finch's. It's nestled in between Gastown and Yaletown, possibly in the Heritage District (though no one calls it that). From the outside I could see the gause white curtains tied in the center of each of the large windows facing the street. As I waited for my friend to lock her bike, I noticed the busted antique furniture that filled the cafe. Of course once I walked through the door an even more pleasant surprise awaited me. The backdrop of the counter was decorated with various sized blackboards all framed in ornate gold frames with the menu hand-written. What really made this space special was all the small details. A fancy umbrella placed on a random coat hook. Over-grown leafy plants. A large robin's-egg green hutch. Light, airy and yet cozy. It was the epitome of chic.

There menu was nothing short of amazing either. The sandwiches are made on delicious baguettes. I ordered the egg salad sandwich, expecting the tradition version where the egg is all chopped up and mixed with various delights. This sandwich, however, was in layers - a beautiful presentation. Large lettuce leafs, bright red tomatoes, slices of cucumber, followed with a hard-boiled egg perfectly sliced and splayed across the top. Mayonnaise and Dijon mustard topped it off. My friend's sandwich looked equally delicious. Pear, brie, prosciutto. It was lovely. If you're ever in the neighborhood, take time out for a tea.

When we finished, we walked a block west in the sweltering heat to my favorite used book store, Macleod's. I purchased a copy of Virginia Woolf's A Writer's Diary. Selections of Mrs. Woolf's diary. I'm looking forward to reading her thoughts about writing. I'm hoping to be inspired by the philosophical ideas that drove her own writing.

As for this evening, I have plans to attend an opera of Bluebeard. Should be interesting. I've never been a fan of the opera, but this is a very short production and I do like the fairytale version of this story.

This has been the kind of day that I am thankful for.

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