Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nearing a new beginning

Oh the end of summer school is in sight for me - my exam is tonight. I'm going to take a well deserved break and plan to spend the week decorating the new place, golfing and making more pottery. More than anything I'm looking forward to getting a brief taste of summer. I have also taken a cue of inspiration from Finch's and plan to do an antique French twist on my room. I've already got a white comforter and a light blue one. I'm going to try to get pillows in sage green, blue and pink. I'm also going to scour thrift stores for some glass jars like these, love them! I've already got my desk and an armoire. I'm planning to use my shadow box above my desk, along side of small collage of photo frames. Preferably ones that are wooden and have design on them. I also have my white curtains that I plan to use.

I also spoke to all of my family yesterday, they were at my house when I called. My nana shared some especially good news with me. My grandpa's wine won three silver medals at the California State Fair Wine Competition! I am so proud of him. Wine making has been a hobby of his for a while now, and it's just so wonderful to seem him achieve something like this. I am beaming with pride for my family right now.

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