Saturday, July 18, 2009

The long week is over

It's been one of those exhausting weeks. I'm sure you've had them before. A million different things are going on and nothing seems to go according to plan. In fact, planning for the worst case scenario would not have been sufficient for this week. After four months of the worst landlords and living situation ever, Karoline and I signed the lease for our new place last Monday - our golden ticket to happier days. However, giving the landlords move out notification proved to be nothing less than excruciating, and four attempts at a written notification later, they finally accepted it. They also started showing our place last night, at a truly inconvenient time. I was in the middle of making food for the dinner party I hosted and groups of people were trolling through the premise. I'm counting my blessing though that the landlords even agreed to let us out of the lease early in the first place. There have been many lengthy phone conversations with them this week that have put a damper on my good mood. But I've just decided not to let it get the best of me. Sure, things probably could have ended better on both of our ends. It was a situation that was bad to begin with, although it got worse, the important thing is that it is nearing an end!

Aside from all of this I have been working like crazy on my children's lit term paper. My investment and interest in this paper has amazed me. I think it's also one of the smoothest papers that I've written in while. I have to write the exam for that class next week. I have a lot on my plate.

The dinner party last night reminded me of that often times we have to experience not so good things to appreciate the good ones. Good food, great wine and lots of random conversation. It brought together six friends who shared, laughed and enjoyed each other's company well through dessert. They were the 3 hours that I had been most looking forward to all week, and now I know why.

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