Sunday, July 12, 2009

Living room plans

I'm very excited to have decided on a new place to move, and even more excited that I gave my landlords 30 days notice. Now I'm thinking about ways to decorate my new living room. I am currently thinking something French-country because of the fabulous antique dinning room table I have. I also own a nice cream colored chair and my brother will be bring up a beautiful coffee table this week. I want to go with warm colors like sage green, cornflour blue, rusty reds, cream, and golden yellows. Our floors are an interesting red which will be a nice addition. Where I'm getting stuck is on the smaller accent pieces. I think I will look for patterned pillows, I recall seeing toile print ones at Bed on 4th Avenue. Maybe some kind of wrought iron piece for the wall or in front of the fire place. My plan is to go to some thrift stores around Alma and Broadway on the hunt for some good pieces. A wrought iron Eiffel tower would be superb.
The other problem I'm encountering is the futon we have for a couch. It has a black cover, but it desperately needs to be a different color. Luckily Majestic Sit & Sleep on 4th Avenue sells a variety of colors. I'm leaning towards a cappuccino color. Ahh I am thrilled to be able to decorate again!

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