Friday, July 24, 2009

Honesty is the Best Policy

From a young age we are told that honesty is a coveted virtue. The Girl Scout promise even includes a line that says, "I promise to be honest and fair." Sometimes we are in situations where we think we can protect other people (or ourselves) from getting hurt, thus we sensor information. Perhaps it's all contextual. But I can think of a long list of scenarios that are better off stated plainly and dealt with. One of them being relationships. If you are unable to communicate feelings or emotions, then what kind of a connection are you left with? I think it's safe to say none.

Even though my dtr conversation didn't go the way that I had expected, at least I know what is going on. He said to me that he had wanted to talk about our dating for a while. Then he said, "Vanessa, I just don't think my heart is in it." What?! The last time I checked he was the one who made the first move to pursue this. Then again, I suppose that this is the whole point of dating - to discover whether or not you want to be in relationship with someone. I've also decided that it might be the hardest decision that one faces. Do I continue one or break it off? It is obviously disappointing to discover that you do not see eye to eye but it's all for the best.

And so now commences another new adventure for me.

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