Friday, July 17, 2009

Death Cab Concert

I saw Death Cab for Cutie in concert last night for the third time. Their live performances never fail to amaze me. Hearing the songs that I feel such a connection to performed right in front of me has such a different effect. It is interesting how the physical situation often changes you auditory experience of something. I recommend that if Death Cab is ever in your neighborhood go and see them.

The other odd/interesting part of the concert was that Rob was there with me. Death Cab songs are so often ones that I have, in the past, identified with my feelings about him. It felt weird to be there listening to a band that I feel is able to articulate my feelings than I am about a particular person/situation, but while he was standing right next to me. It felt like a release to be there singing along, although I don't think he knows I wish I had been singing at him.

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